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Fans, Photos, Cheerleaders and More

I need your pictures here! Please send them in. And hey if you listen to KFAN during the P.A. and DuBay show and you here the Randy Quaid of Brainerd, Thats me! HE HE!


This is a start of the Vikings whoopass season! SKOL!


This is an autographed flag from training camp. Also on either side are the SuperBowl XL pennants. One of several of my great collection of Vikings memories.



Here in this picture is a Auto'd 8x10 of John Randle and D-Sharp (Darren Sharper) also the balls is a Limited Edition Of 25,000 balls with Randy Moss when he was a Viking. This ball not only has his picture printed on it but also it has his first years stats of the AMAZING 69 Receptions, 1,313 yards and 17 Tds. But the Amazing part is It is Autographed! I got it autographed in 2002 Training Camp. Took me bringing it down there for 4 years but It was worth it as i figure it value at about $2,500.00 at very least considering he will now have a SB ring at end of season. And much like rookie season, doing it at will! Great skills. And he is keeping his mouth shut. lol


Here is again the car before the vinyl stickers were put on. We let it set in the sun for a few days b4 we added the graphics. Thanks To Jamie Dietman @ Brainerd Signs 218 825-7071 and Dale Buchta for the paint work.

Viking Fans From All Over, This is Our Website! I Built It But WE MADE THE TEAM!