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We are currently building and creating a Viking Wheels Club. Until this site is up and running please use this link which is a current site we had built and has the basics Vikings Wheels. But we are going to make the Vikings Wheels a little more different. It is going to be a club for all fans to come to be a member in expensively. SKOL! Check Out the Link Purple Viking(below).


Having this car was a dream I thought I would never have. But it is easier than you think. I was at a dealer auction in summer 2006 when this little gem popped up. 1991 Mercury Sable. To me its a Buick Grand Avenue!

Its Called "Purple People Eater II"

This is a website just for fans to show off their vehicles, homes, along with all things to show off the craziness of enjoying what they do and seeing what others just like you and I to spread fanfare among our greatest fans alike. I nor anyone else is here to bash anyone or their ideas. We just want to see each others crazy fun just like myself and the others I see when I am going to games, driving down the road etc.


And one of my greatest treasures is these.... KFAN Training Camp Tee's signed by P.A. and DuBay! I am the guy known as Randy Quaid from Brainerd Mn. Thanks KFAN and PA and Dubay! You Guys Rock!


Adrian Peterson #28 - Sidney Rice #18 - Troy Williamson #82
I purchased Williamson @ Training Camp 06, Sidney Rice #18 @ Training Camp 07, and bought Peterson on clearance 1/2 way through the season. Williamson was auto'd but worn out from washing, Rice is auto'd and I am not washing, just wearing during the games and haven't gotten Peterson a chance to yet. Hoping to get it at Dec 17th game or when they have Arctic Winter Blast in Late Jan or Feb.


The story of this car going by my house is on the fans page. It belongs to Ted Hansen. Great fans Think Alike. SKOL!

Please email me pictures of your Viking vehicles that can be posted on my site and I will. I love all the vehicles and how each fan has different ideas. AWESOME work.

Viking Fans From All Over, This is Our Website! I Built It But WE MADE THE TEAM!